What is a Proxy Bid?


Think of Proxy Bids as another word for your "max bid", or the max you are willing to pay for that item.

We use proxy bidding for you to win the auction item at the lowest price by placing bids on your behalf at the lowest increments up to the maximum amount you've set (until someone outbids you.)

In other words, the computer will bid for you up to the amount you set, at the lowest increments!

This way, you know you will not miss the opportunity to get items for the price you wanted.

We do, however, suggest logging on to the website and watching the bid(s), and adding on to your bid manually (if needed) to make sure you win the item if you really wanted it. 

If you forget to log on when auctions are going live this is a great option for you!

Proxy bids

Possible questions:

-Will this guarantee a win? This will not.

-If I placed a Proxy Bid does that mean I don't have to watch the item when the auction is going anymore?
You certainly don't have to! Rest assured that the item will not go at a lower price than what you were willing to pay for it. However, if you want to guarantee that you win the item, we suggest watching it go live and manually adding higher bids if you wish to do so.

-Can I remove a proxy bid after placing it? No you will not, please be mindful of that when placing your proxy bid.

-Will the computer always bid up to the amount I set? If no one outbids you the computer will not charge you your max amount! 

-Can others see the amount I set? No, it is hidden from other users.

If you still have any questions about Proxy Bidding or anything else, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or email us at support@vistaauction.com

Happy Bidding!